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About me

Genie's passion for the Santa Cruz region and her job can make anyone’s move in and out of Santa Cruz county seem like a breeze.

Smitten by the natural beauty of Santa Cruz and its diverse and accepting community, Genie encourages everyone to move to the area in which she was born and raised. “It's interesting to see how Santa Cruz has evolved over the years,” says Genie, “it has shifted from being a tourist hotspot and a retirement community to being a place where people move to build a life and a career.” She believes that the county’s location between the ocean and the mountains is what attracts people, especially those working at Silicon Valley’s tech companies, to choose and settle down in the area. “It’s amazing to see how accessible fun is in Santa Cruz,” she says, “one minute you’d be at work, and the next you are surfing or biking, in your own neighborhood!”Genie comes from a family of realtors. Her father was the one who encouraged her to get into the business, and the one who taught her most of what she knows about the business, especially the art of negotiating. With his years of experience, he knew how to bring a willing buyer and a willing seller together and how to seal a deal, and so does his daughter. “The best part about this job is seeing a happy client,” says Genie, “each client is unique and each property is unique, so finding the right type of 'unique' for my clients is what keeps me going.”

This extra-special realtor does more than just help her clients find their dream home, she helps them settle down too. What matters to her is that, once a customer moves to the county for good, they don’t have any trouble integrating into the community.  She’ll hook her clients up with clubs and communities of their interest, and makes sure they don’t have a difficult time bonding with everyone around.

My story

June 1988
Graduated from CSU Chico with marketing
June 2001
I worked in both the non-profit and technology industries for 15 years
September 2003
In 2003, I obtained my real estate license, and started working with and training with my father, Roger.


June 1995
I served the local community and volunteered for the Santa Cruz Association of Realtors Housing Foundation. The Housing Foundation helps first time homebuyers bridge the gap to home ownership with closing cost assistance
In the last several years I have learned that I have a passion for working with first time homebuyers and enjoy walking them through the process of realizing their real estate dreams. I find my work here both important and satisfying.
I really enjoy travel, friends, being outside, running, and reading a good book here and there.

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